About me


Thank you very much for your visit on my website and your interest in my images.

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta in Canada and developed and interest in photography four years ago, inspired by the book “How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies” by Darwin Wiggett.

Since then my main interest focused on Canadian wildlife, especially grizzly bears and wolves, whose behavior can be observed and photographed in their natural habitat with a lot of ambition, patience, endurance and first and foremost respect.

All my images show solely free roaming, non-habituated and non-called or baited animals in British-Columbia and Alberta, as a photographer I want to observe and document their behavior, not alter it.

The website will grow in the near future bit by bit, more images in the gallery, videos of bears, birds and wolves, a blog and background information about my images and the animals they show will follow.

Hendrik Boesch
March 2013, Calgary

The out of print book “How to photograph the Canadian Rockies” is now available as an e-book series, the part covering Banff National Park features two of my images.

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